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The Invitation

Come in and explore the process of losing and reclaiming feminine power through the fairy tale “Ocean Rose!” I wrote this fairy tale as part of my own journey to understand feminine power in my life, and I’m now mining the images, metaphors, and situations that it contains for what they can tell us about how we lose our power as women and the process by which we can reclaim it.

Explore this fairy tale with me and others in this community to spark clarity in your own life. There are many ways to interpret any tale, and what I post is just my interpretation of the archetypal themes and images the tale contains. Your interpretation and your experience might be quite different, and I’d like to hear about it. At times, I may present different possible interpretations, as multiple interpretations can be relevant and truthful.

Where are you in this story? I will post the tale in fairly short segments, with my own commentary on how I see that the images or situation relate to the loss or reclaiming of feminine power. I invite you to read the posts, consider the questions that I pose, and if you feel moved to, please share how you see your own experience reflected in the tale.

I’d like to include your experiences and perspectives in my forthcoming book. To best serve the flowering of feminine power in the world, I hope to include a wide range of diverse stories on how the images, settings, and characters of the fairy tale relate directly to our collective lived experience as women. No experience is too small, and all are important in helping us understand and claim our right as women to stand in our power. That means yours, too!

First, read the tale in its entirety here. Then browse the Posts, which focus on specific aspects of the story. Most Posts have reflection questions for you and all have a place to share your comments. The Index lists Posts in the order they appear in the story. You can send private comments or questions to me here.

Read on to illuminate aspects of feminine power in your life.